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Full Version: a request for a tut
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on how to use the site's pm system explaining.

how to empty the in, out, trash box etc

with pics if possible. thanks.
here is where you can read our FAQ about other stuff.
"how to empty the in, out, trash box etc"

does not!

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dale the illiterate
enjoy matting a lot do we dale Big Grin

if no one does one i'll do one later or tomorrow as i'm off out in a short while.
go to your private male

empty sent box
in box
and any other box you don't require
then empty your trash box.

you may keep an odd interesting pm if you wish but the idea is cut down and give yourself some space.
I already knew that, I thought you were going to tell me an easy way.

Actually it's delete "inbox" PM's, delete "sent items" PM's, then empty "trash can", in that order* (the delete button is at the bottom of the page). You select all items by clicking on the box after the "date/time sent" at the top of the page on the right hand side. Note: Even though you delete items in the sent or inbox page, they will still go to trash can. This is because it thinks you are an idiot and might really not mean to delete these items, so it stores it for you in the trash can, which you also have to empty if you wish to regain any space.

*Although it does not matter which order you delete the "inbox" PM's or "sent items" PM's, it saves time to delete the trash can last as this is where the PM's go when you delete them from "sent" and "item sent".

dale the anal retentive
what he said Wink