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Full Version: security in the USA
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it seems 850 000 people have top secret clearance in the usa
which has to make it one of the least top secret organizations in the world.

i think it's a double edged sword. on the one hand everyone must be know by someone with top secret clearance, on the other hand lots of people must know at least one person with top secret clearance lmao.

5% of the population almost.

can such a large organization (under the umbrella of security) be successful, or is it silly to have such a large amount of different bodies working independent of each other?


Bureaucracy has reached full flower here. Unfortunately. Sad
so does anyone on the site know a top secret safe agent ?

i wonder what the cost of such a network costs., it has to be enormous.
Hmmm... what does that "top secret clearance" mean anyway? What I mean is, can we assume that all the people who have that clearance are either high-ranking officials or secret agents of some capacity? Or is it more like they're giving out clearances to every white-collar paper pusher with a government ID?


(07-21-2010, 05:29 PM)addy Wrote: [ -> ]Hmmm... what does that "top secret clearance" mean anyway?

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Security_clearance [Image: bedtime.gif]
so top secret only counts if a person is deemed as someone who needs to know a certain something. it doesn't clear them for anything.

so really, the media saying 850 000 have top secret clearance isn't as bad as it sounds.
i hate the media
Thanks altezon Blush

Yeah, it doesn't seem so bad in that context, but it makes you wonder what kind of information is "top secret" yet okay to disseminate to 850,00 people
anything thats needed to know in order to do a job.

say you're the HR person for an office in the pentagon, or local police force etc.
you have to see what could be classed as top secret documents relating to peoples terms of employment. things that no one else is privy too. it doesn't mean you get to see the schematics of a weapon. (unless you're on the design team in which case you'd need to know) does that make sense ?
Right, so it's definitely not so bad, and the number of security clearances seems quite reasonable.
lets discount anyone who isn't working
i know, i know, i should have said working population
and i shouldn't have rounded off the percentage. (which is still way out ;( )
my apologies.