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Full Version: will the pope be sued
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The U.S. Supreme Court clears the way for suing the pope by refusing to hear a Vatican argument over international jurisdiction.


i have a feeling that the vatican won't be too happy with this ruling
i seriously doubt they could sue the pope but i suspect some higher up can definitely be sued


Heh, makes you think twice about the Roman Catholic Church, bunch of child abusers.
in effect the pope is the ceo of the rc church. now like any other ceo he can be brought down if he acts incorrectly or allows anything untoward to happen. that said i would think some cardinal or vatican priest would perjure themselves for the greater good of the church.


The pope has always had some sort of immunity, due to his considered sacred position. It's weird seeing that change.

And I think your link is broken Sad.
yep the source material has been shelved Sad

i think it's right that people like the pope can't hide behind his office. should laws be there for everyone.
all to often cardinals and the church hierarchy get away with murder. so do politicians and big business men in many cases. i'm all for accountability in the church
I look forward to the Catholic Church being rightfully sued. They've shown that their so-called "spirituality" and "morality" is not enough to keep them from pulling bullshit like actively protecting child abusers. Maybe this will finally drive the point home.
it would be a milestone to actually get some convictions.
i wonder if god broke the link?
i'd say it will be pretty hard to sue the vatican bank. simply because it's a bank of a a sovereign state. all they could do is to place sanctions on it. making it impossible to rum as a bank. and even that will be a hard card to play. they could prove money laundering, in which the vatican would sack those involved and get a slap on the wrist from the world bank but i think that would be the outcome should they find against the bank.
it seems to managing okay so far.
i wonder what would happen should other countries blackball the vatican bank Huh
The Law came into effect on 1 April 2011.;

looking at the above i'd say the vatican has come to some kind of deal.
maybe they've agreed to be part of the scheme as of said date on the condition any previous discrepancies are ignored. Angry