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Full Version: worlds largest gold coin
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anyone got change for this baby

why would anyone make a coin this big.
and guess what, it has the head of our queen on the back of it Smile
i wish i had a piece of it instead of my euros
imagine flipping it to for heads or tails lmao.
a pound or two of it would do me Smile
why make a coin whose face value is worth less that the cost of the metal it's made from ???



@velvetfog, gold determines the worth of a coin.
no,the rarity of the coin plays a big role


That too, but when you see the value of gold go up, the currency devalues.
(06-28-2010, 01:02 AM)velvetfog Wrote: [ -> ]The price of gold keeps changing, the face value of a coin does not.
only in theory.

a hundered dollar bill will not
buy the same amount of goods as it once did because of inflation.

a coin is of itself worthless. the thing that makes it worth whatever the denomination is the promise a gov gives to the bearer.

basically it's just a metal cheque.. one of the ways to show this is to measure each currency against all the other currencies. the value changes by the second.

the absurdity of a 100kg coin makes your remark about fluctuations in the precious metal market equally absurd Smile Tongue.
so has anyone got change of a large house please?
1,300 times 500 = 650,000

i'd have thought that would get a large size house anywhere .