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Full Version: Guantanamo
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wasn't that a high profile priority our man in washington made?wthin a year the torture centre was to be closed down.Do these people have no honour at all?
i'm struggling to belive they used the new york moron attempt at a bombing
as an excuse among many others to keep it open. i'm also surprised they want or some, want to house them on US soil. ok, i suppose housing them in an iraqi prison is too much to hope for.
so how about this. the ones who theyre going to keep in prison charge, and the one they aren't going to charge, let free.
and the third lot who they really know to be terrorists but can't prove, just off the fuckers and bury them at sea. i think they still have a chance to close the place down within the next three years.
they'll always be twats vocalizing how this or that won't work in order to get their names mentioned in the press.

also, if at the end of the day, is it a crime if obama squad fail to keep some of its promises. we knew it would and could never succeed with at least half of what it promised.

one thing they could do. if it stays open is this. place a member of amnesty international, a high ranking iraqi official and an independent judge from say the Hague to head the people who run the place in order to make it at least stay within the geneva convention. (take the running of it out of military hands.
yes,i agree there should be independents checking what's going on there and what has .it's just so cheap promising things to people and once you're elected forget about it.
i knew from the start the guy was no more than a smooth talker,never understood the yes we can euphoria,although after Bush anything would make one ecstatic
while he prob doesn't really care about the place.
i think it's more a case of people placing obstacles in
the way of it been closed down for political reasons.

if the GOP can veto the dems on all or even any plans they have to close it, it basically stays open.
as for promising the people stuff and not doing it. i'd say he's doing better than most so far.

in the uk cameron and the libs said they wouldn't increase vat. they increased it to 20% as soon as they could. they said the lower classes would'nt suffer and they've froze benefits.

they all lie. i personally think he lied less that most.
if maccain had have won
gitmo would have fuckin trebled in size. the war in iraq would still be in full swing and the drones on the pakistani borders would have gone up tenfold.