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Full Version: 5 higgs bosons (god) particles
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US researchers have suggested that the elusive God particle - the Higgs boson - may actually be no less than a quintet of divine, and as yet elusive, components of the universe.


it's looking a lot like the higgs isn't really the god particle after all


A lot of physics nowadays is just models. It's incredibly difficult to prove something right 100% so we do a bit of trial and error.

Until it's not discovered, it's only a guess. But the mass has got to be there and so it needs an explanation.

I think there's still hope of finding it but who knows?
we should know soon enough, if and when they can get the hadron collidor to fire up and actually do what it's supposed to Sad

i'm sure science will fing a hundred more such particles, a thousand even, and still really be none the wiser about why the universe came into existence. how may be but why? that will something they could only guess at Wink