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Full Version: microsoft
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bringing out a new way of computing.

or so they say.

the premise is; voice and movement activated files and games.
no source as yet Angry
i think the idea is to do away with the keyboard.

not sure i'd be kken on that.

tried the dragon voiceware and hated it.
it will come to that though,do away with the keyboard
a lot of the technology has come from the games machines as well.


Not necessarily.

Microsoft has been planning this for years. Microsoft OS since XP have included a virtual keyboard. Apple has never worked with a tablet PC, Microsoft has have that for years. I don't think Microsoft is coping from others, but taking some ideas from them and creating there own version of it. Microsoft computers since XP could also talk.




It would be a great day when PC users no longer need to spend so much time to protect themselves against those who write the software they use.And if you think, I remember junk Mobile Me recently installed on as many Windows machines many without the permission of their owner.