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Hey everyone,

I just borrowed a certain Linux documentation from the library. It’s called Revolution OS. It’s about the growth of Linux and how Linux’s business model can be adapted. According to Richard Stallman, the founder of GNU (GNU’s not Linux), the business model is founded upon principle.

The people interviewed were: Linus Torvalds, Richard Stallman, Eric Raymond, and Bruce Perens, to name a few.

Many of the other good things were:
1. Bill Gates going apeshit and writing a “fuck you” letter
to a Homebrewn Programming group. He accuses them of
software piracy.
2. How the interviewees react when the interviewer asks if
their Free software idea is too Communist.
3. There is actually a building in the States that prints
the words: Computer Literacy Building. I would love to go

This is a 2003 documentary, so I don’t know if this will help you help “Internet freedom fighting.” But I still suggest that you watch it. I think the Free Software model is the way to fight piracy, commercial piracy and casual piracy.

I’m burning a copy of this; it’s too good to lose this! I love Linux, I love Free Software, and I love Penguins!


Sounds really interesting, sen me the link when you get it uploade


They already have a link at the pirate bay. Besides, my Internet connection is already piss-poor, let alone the fact that my ISP is going to cap it.


I never heard about Revolution OS before read here but description provides step by step and in easy language so easy to understood . Hope from your side posting more information on latest or newbies things if you have.