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Full Version: A Daughter's Most Serious Concern
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She was the oldest of his children
responsible, diligent and bright.
She scrutinized the world about her
and tried to make everything right.

She was every bit as much a parent
to her siblings that numbered five
as were her aging Mom or Dad.
She was a most excellent mentor and guide.

She helped them make sense of a complex world
and taught them how to negotiate
the hurdles that life inevitably creates
on their paths to becoming great.

She also cares for her Mom and Dad
the latter due to senility,
the premature onset of Dementia
limits him to varying degrees.

She routinely inquires whether he has taken his pills,
whether he is sleeping soundly at night,
does he remember to be safe while driving the tractor,
does the checkbook balance all-right?

Yes, concern for her Dad causes occasional worries
more than a few, more like a bundle.
Her primary one being his jean purchase selection,
are they are loose enough to not silhouette his “grundle?”