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Full Version: troll!!! in the duengeon!
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Creepers? Bros? Hipsters? Fros?
thoughts on creepers?


The Creeper? You mean the Hamburger Pimp?
hmm dude mmmm dude..
you got me
I'm afraid you have both left me at the station, at the station in a carriage that hasn't moved since 1963 and was once used by the Hipster Bros to serve hamburgers to waiting passengers. It has now been shunted into a siding were some of the windows have creepers growing through them and when it rains a broken gutter spills onto the heads of several large agapanthus causing them to bob like purple fros jostling to be first inside the carriage. Discuss?

I like creepers there natures arms taking back the old, ugly and infirm.


hahahahahahahahaha yes. god yes ^


I met Dolemite a few years before he died. Then later, some guy on Time Square argued about it with me all night; trying to say he was already dead by then.
Creepers? The kind that go ssssssssssssss BOOM!
^^I know those kind.

but since we're on the subject...
hahaha good Wink and I've seen that video before, lonely island has a bunch of funny shit out there