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how old is the oldest piece of clothing or foot wear
you have that you actually wear.

i have a 7 year old pair of gbx shoes that i wear on a regular basis.
if it rains they leak, but i love em lol
i guess my hat that i wear when i go for a trek,must be 12 years old now
(05-18-2010, 10:52 AM)bob5695 Wrote: [ -> ]18 year old pink cotton t-shirt, which i still wear on a regular basis.
if i had a t shirt that old someone would have thrown it out.
i used to have a pair of jesus sandals i always wore.
had them about ten years. they'd been in most of the oceans of the world with me and the buckles had fell off. my ex would put them in the dustbin with all the garbage and i would take them out and wash them.

eventually she chopped them in half. i was devastated