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Full Version: Mobile phones are addictive drugs
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I know for a fact.

I went to the library the other day, and two groups of teenagers walked by outside while I was sitting on the bench. A group of four, then a group of six. Every single one of them was typing on their cellphones. Then the group of six walked back by later, and they were still doing it. Why I was sitting on a bench so long watching teenagers walk by? That's my business.

Then the other day, I was at some guy's house, and his sister went to take a shower. She came out wet a minute or two later wearing a robe, with the water still running in the bathroom, and said she forgot her cellphone in her room. I wondered why she needed her cellphone in the shower. Was she going to turn it on vibrate and stick it up her ass while she scrubbed herself? I tried to call her but it just kept ringing.

When I go out to eat, I see people on dates sending text messages the whole time. They talk to each other, but they never stop typing while they're doing it.

The last time I was on a date, and this was over a year ago, the girl was on the phone the whole time. With her boyfriend no less.

When I use someone's phone to talk to girls, I get messages saying they're in class. And they send me lots of messages from class. College and high school. Why high school girls are sending me messages, that's my business. But why do they have their phones in class? Why do they have their phones on in class? I haven't been to the movies in a long time, but the last time I did when it got dark in the room, I sure enough saw cellphones lit up for rows and rows in front of me. And at concerts. And the girl at the grocery counter. And the doctor would be typing on her cellphone the whole time the last time I went to a therapist.

I've been riding in cars with people for decades. And people always got to where they were going with little or no trouble. Now, people have to look up directions on their phones to go almost anywhere. They have to look up directions to places they've been dozens of times before. And you used to could listen to music in the car. Now you have to listen to people talk on their goddamned cellphones.

"In the car, on my way to WalMart." "I'm at WalMart." "I'm in the parking lot, getting ready to leave WalMart." "I'm on my way home right now." "Well, I just pulled up in the driveway." And they go inside, and they don't have anything to say to the person that they were talking to on the phone the whole time. So they call someone else...


I know girls that will say anything to make sure you keep sending them text messages. They won't do anything, but they'll say anything.

A loser like me knows there's something fishy going on when hot dames from all over the world seem like they're dying to talk to me all day, every day. I know they don't like me as much as they like the computer or the phone.

People can tell lies. They can become lies. The Internet is a second brain.

When I go to people's houses, like the guy with the sister I mentioned above, they're always watching tv and usually on the Internet. When people come to my house, one of the first things they ask me is whether I have the Internet. After that, they ask me if I have satellite or cable.

The very first thing most people ask me is "You think you might have a few dollars?"

Cars have been around a long time. Nothing new. But people around here will get in their cars and drive to their neighbor's house.

One day I'm going to get the zipper in my trousers fixed, and go somewhere before it's too late.
Everywhere I go I see people participating in addictive activities.

Large numbers of people are always breathing around me-- I confess this is a vice I share. Also a lot of people I know get addicted to eating to stay alive (because of the side effects) and others I know that just can't leave that damn talking alone! Talk, talk, talk all day-- communicating and what-not . . . it just sickens me.

How could people enjoy something that I cannot enjoy? They must be insane :rolleyes:


I don't say something's not enjoyable.

I do say that half-baked sarcasm is always the ape of genuine cynicism.

An addicted person can rarely think straight about addictions. I can barely think straight myself. Things are very enjoyable, and very annoying.
Just trying to help remind you that doing something a lot isn't the same thing as being addicted to it. Wink
texting is an addictive activity, i hate all you bastards who text night and day. those professional texters whi use two fucking thumbs and yeah rowens, it's impossible to lokk at a group of 4 or more people without seeing some twat texting. i never text, if i have to i ask addy to do it Wink
I used to text constantly but not so much these days. If I were stuck somewhere with nothing much to do (airport) I can assure you my thumbs would be flying Tongue

And I (and maybe only I) don't think it is rude to text and talk-- my friends and I do it constantly and it is understood that if you can't keep two (or more) conversations going concurrently while texting then it is your own fault for not having graduated from Thumbs school Big Grin
I only text people I like. I really do have a piece of shit phone (see photo) so I don't really do much of anything on it unless it's important.

But even when I had a better one I treated it much the same.

[Image: ugh.jpg]


Most people are scatterbrained as it is. I like people, I just don't like phones and computers as much. I like some people, anyway. And when I like someone, I want them to talk to me; I don't want to listen to them talk to somebody else. Especially when you don't know when it's going to happen. My concentration is troubled too. So it becomes a real problem when you have to keep pausing a conversation while somebody is having one with someone that isn't even there.

When I answer my door, and the person standing there says, "Hold on", all of the sudden I'm on hold. It feels awkward to be put on hold in person. Or when someone invites me to their house, and they tell me to pull up a chair so I can sit and watch them talk to somebody on Skype.

I don't say everyone's addicted. But in small towns like where I am, most people are. Because there isn't much else to do. There are other things to do; but it's too easy to be seen as weird around here. I'm seen as a suspicious and eccentric character because I like to go on long walks. Some of the other things I do make it hard to go in public here. So I'm here typing on the computer too.

Here or anywhere else in the world, it's hard for lots of people to concentrate. I find people more interesting one on one, with no distractions. Especially if we're alone. I just figure I must bore them to death, so they have to talk to somebody else too just to stand being around me. When I like someone, I can put up with them being boring sometimes; and I never talk on the phone or go online when I have company, unless they ask me to. And they usually do.

And I enjoy putting up with that bored expression on Sandra's face.
I've often found, out with friends, I'm the only one who isn't texting someone on their phones. I have mine and I use it regularly for keeping up to date with family and friends, but you'd never see me texting while talking to someone else or doing something. I just find it terribly rude if it's unnecessary chat.

I can sympathise with rowen's point about small towns and technology. Visiting my dad in very rural England every other weekend, technology really is the only thing to do if you're 'too cool' to play out on the streets. I'd rather be out walking the dogs in the woods - consequently making me look as outdated as Little House on the Prairie.
I'm with rowens on this one. my phone is probably even cheaper/older than newsclippings (yay! haha) and I want to keep it that way. I already spend way too much time on the computer and am scared of what would happen to my brain if I had constant internet access. I know I'd honestly have a hard time not checking it every two seconds, so I just stay away... (I use this same tactic for many other things in life... seems to work quite well actually).
and yea, hubby and I rarely go out for dinner, but when we do I've been noticing recently that the other couples eating out, all dressed nicely etc, often have these horribly bored looks on their faces. and all they do is stare at their phones. or eat. makes me sad.


I wish I would've been born hundreds of years ago. Not that things were better then, but I would have felt better. I never even cared for my landline rotary phone. And I don't like convenience. While I was able to dodge a practical education, and my bad coordination skills allowed me to easily bypass video games, I still watched way too much tv and went to see too many movies in my early teens. I was infected by the cinematic cancer long ago, and I'm still fighting it.